Board Advisory

We advise Board on governance best practices in order to identify and retain the best talent as well as to develop a high-performing Board. In Signium, we advise Board through the development of effective governance operating models, recruitment of directors and CEOs as Board members, and through other Consulting Services such as Board performance assessments.

Our Board Advisory methodology addresses the specific governance model and circumstances of each Board in order to identify and retain the best Board members as well as to remove obstacles to better performance.

Board Assessment

In Signium we consider effective board assessments are crucial in meeting the evolving standards of corporate governance. Some of the reasons why Signium advises Board to conduct an external assessment every two to three years are the following:

  • Improve the relationships within the Board and between the Board and the Top Management Teams
  • Improve processes within the Board (calendar, information, meetings…)
  • Make communication among Board members more transparent
  • Allow a high level positioning (in line with the best players in the market)
  • The Proxy Advisors recommends this type of evaluations
  • Reinforce the quality of the available information for shareholders and the market
  • Strengthen the decision-making processes, mainly during succession or crisis periods