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Signium is an International Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Services firm.

Signium provides Consulting Services to national and multinational companies looking at recruiting, growing and retaining the best talent in their respective sectors, as well as encourages those companies to grow their businesses.

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Signium has 38 offices in 29 countries

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XVI Comparative Analysis of Remuneration in Law Firms in Spain: Continuing trend in fixed salary. Moderate drop in the variable
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Ignacio Bao: "The Ibex 35 needs 10,000 professionals for digital transformation"
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Comparative Analysis of Salaries in Law Firms in Spain 2018
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Signium patrocina la III Edición de los Premios Jurídicos Expansión a la Excelencia en la Práctica del Derecho de los Negocios
NOTA DE PRENSA Madrid, 20 de febrero de 2018 Por tercer año consecutivo, Signium patrocina los Premios Jur&iacu...

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